Sheeba's story

Sheeba had a combined kidney and liver transplant after going into kidney failure due to a genetic condition.

It's only because of people with a big heart, like my donor's family, that recipients like me are alive today.
Sheeba, with arms outstretched in a picturesque hillside location

The same condition that caused Sheeba to go into kidney failure also claimed her sister's life, leaving her young children without a mother.

Sheeba faced several operations before having a combined kidney and liver transplant, but is now making the most of her second chance at life. She is continuing to keep well and recently celebrated 20 years since her transplant.

Says Sheeba:

“I am now 45 and loving my gift of life. I am very active in my church, I teach a kids group every week that I really enjoy and will soon be starting an Introduction to Christian Counselling course.

"I also work as an account manager for a not for profit organisation, Empowering Communities through Integrated Network Systems (ECINS), which is a social enterprise software company that supports charities and the third sector.

“For fun I am learning to line dance and enjoy long walks in the countryside. I feel so grateful for my gift of life and wish to help others and give back as much as I can. 

"If my donor family didn't choose to have the conversation before [my donor] died I would have been long gone and not be alive telling my story."

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