The NHS Organ Donor Card

An organ donor card is a great way to show you’re committed to saving lives.

We send a new organ donor card to everyone who wants to donate when they register for the first time.

You can also download your organ donor card if you would prefer a digital version.

Do you need to carry your organ donor card with you?

The NHS Organ Donor Card - pink, featuring a heart logo and the words "Yes I donate"You don’t need to have your organ donor card on you at all times, but you may choose to carry your card with you as a symbol of your decision to help others.

If you are able to become an organ donor in the future, the decision you have recorded on the NHS Organ Donor Register will be checked.

Organ donation will only go ahead with the support of your family. By being on the NHS Organ Donor Register you are helping your loved ones to know what you want.

Act now to save lives in future.

How is it used?

Your NHS Organ Donor Card is a way to commemorate and celebrate the fact that you have chosen to to join the millions of people who would like one day to save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Here are some of the ways that you could use yours.

Show support on social media

Why not share pictures of yourself proudly holding your card on social media?

It’s a quick and easy way to let others know that you want to donate your organs, while helping to spread the word about the importance of organ donation.

Prompt a conversation

Use your card to kickstart a conversation about your organ donation decision with your loved ones.

Put it somewhere prominent in your home, perhaps on the fridge as a daily reminder to your family that you’re signed up as an organ donor.

Or, you can always just look at it when the mood takes you and beam with pride!

Download your NHS Organ Donor Card

Welsh language digital donor organ cards

Welsh versions of these downloads are available on our campaign hub, Get involved

Lost your organ donor card?

We send an NHS Organ Donor Card to everybody who registers to donate for the first time. If you amend your details or re-register we don’t send you a new donor card.

If you have lost your organ donor card and would like a replacement you can download a card to print at home.

Alternatively, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.

Faith and beliefs donor cards

Digital NHS Organ Donor Card featuring the words "Organ Donation is supported by my faith"You can also download an NHS Organ Donor Card that reflects your faith or belief system.

Faith specific organ donor cards can be used to prompt a conversation with those who matter to you.

You can choose to download a digital card to share, download a digital card to print or download wallpaper for your phone.

Visit our campaign hub to download your faith or belief organ donor card

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